Quality Policy

The basic aim of IBL is to produces best quality Boilers & Pressure Vessels with reasonable prices in order to target customers satisfaction. To achieve this aim we continuously improve our quality Management system, reduce initial cost and almost rained our staff members on the latest tools and techniques.


We believe on the quality control , proper documentation, suitable selection of material, design and Assembly to a complete Boiler. To achieve this goal our team and management is fully committed. We at the platform of IBL also work with our staff, designers, suppliers to help and improve their quality and environmental betterment.


In order to achieve the best quality product we comply with all relevant laws and regulation, best technical practices as the primary basis of our quality and environmental performance.


It is duty of all human being to save the future of our children’s. We also doing our best to achieve this noble cause. We also work with our staff , supplier, user to help and improve their quality and environmental performance.